You need to know

No Under 18’s
No Prams
No Food / Drink


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We are tattoo artists!


We are NOT mind readers

So the words “I’m not sure what i want” mean nothing to us.



17 and 364 days is not 18, under the tattooing of minors act 1969, you must be 18 to legally be tattoo’d. we don’t give a shit that its your kid and you don’t mind, we don’t care that at 16, you can have sex, join the army and smoke. we only care that we’re not in court next week because your kid grew an early beard or tits overnight at 15
No ID No Tattoo


We don’t care what your mate thinks

So don’t bring that mate of yours that had a Chinese symbol 10 years ago and is now the authority on tattooing in your life. If they knew that much they’d be writing this fuckin sign.


OH! and before you ask!

Yes it hurts

No, it won’t wash off

The yellow doesn’t hurt more than the black

The black doesn’t go deeper than the blue

You don’t get money off for an ex-display design

Yes, we are professionals, the end product will be better than the shit your mate did on you from his kitchen sink, at that time in your life when he was banging your sister.

No, you cant have a go.

And they’re not fuckin “guns” they’re tattoo “machines”

Thank you

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