is a generic term used to label popular tattoo designs in a studio. here’s a sample of some of the flash that can be found at Tribal Warrior Tattoo Studio (and any other studio come to think of it)


We don’t quote over the phone, you have to come in.

Tattoo 404Tattoo 402Tattoo 403Tattoo 400Tattoo 387Tattoo 369Tattoo 357Tattoo 385Tattoo 373Tattoo 360Tattoo 355Tattoo 352Tattoo 351Tattoo 346Tattoo 339Tattoo 335Tattoo 340Tattoo 336Tattoo 259Tattoo 258Tattoo 230Tattoo 225Tattoo 211Tattoo 213Tattoo 202Tattoo 204Tattoo 198Tattoo 194Tattoo 184Tattoo 185Tattoo 170Tattoo 171Tattoo 117Tattoo 109Tattoo 113Tattoo 119Tattoo 107Tattoo 086Tattoo 081Tattoo 080Tattoo 076Tattoo 075Tattoo 072Tattoo 073Tattoo 074Tattoo 071Tattoo 070Tattoo 069Tattoo 068Tattoo 067Tattoo 063Tattoo 064Tattoo 065Tattoo 062Tattoo 061Tattoo 053Tattoo 052Tattoo 051Tattoo 050Tattoo 049Tattoo 048Tattoo 047Tattoo 046Tattoo 045Tattoo 044Tattoo 043Tattoo 041Tattoo 042Tattoo 040Tattoo 039Tattoo 038Tattoo 037Tattoo 036Tattoo 032Tattoo 033Tattoo 034Tattoo 035Tattoo 031Tattoo 029Tattoo 001